Sunday, December 12, 2010

Perlukah diteruskan??+__=

why,when in da december alwayz like that..!
begin 2007 until now..!
just about him,,tell me that he was had a new special in his life..
how dare??
2007-he told me that he was fall in love with the one girlz..
but that girlz not love him..
me?frusted! but i still wait him,,
still close with him..
coz i love him..
ok,, 2008..he told me that he want to be my bf..
ok,,thanx im happy.. but after a few day..
he come back,, and told.. that he was couple with another girlz..
ok,, second tyme i frusted again !..
OMG.. give me ur light ,for i accept ur fate..
ok,,i wait him..coz we're very close right..
everyday we're call n msg..
i love u even u have girlfrenz..
nevermind i wait..
2009-he told me that he was breakout..
with his girlfrenz..
me feel sympaty with him..
he ask me.. that i still love him..
my answer.. yup ! sure.. i still love u forever n ever..
then,, from that day,,
he to be my bofiey..
i very happy.. like in a heaven..
day by day,,
month by month..
we're be happy..
but,,suddenly,, after a few month..
he was change !
i dont know why..
so sad..
and when i ask ..
he just shut up.. why??
i give him a few day,,without
disturb give a tyme he make a conclusion..
ok,, he told me that he was not already with da relationship..
how dare u..!!!
ok,,he want je be my frenz only..ok..
nevermind..i frusted again !!
but,, after a few month..
i get a news,, that u act have a girlfrenz..
oMG ! u was lie me..
ok..fine.. i still waiting.. wait for u..ever..
2010,,u still with her..
ok,, i just want look u happy with her..
my feel? oh,, nevermind..
i still love u..just alone,,
cant accept another love more..
just for u..
2010..ur relationship with her
was not stable..u story to me..
ok,,feel sympaty to u..
try to search best way ok..
hope u can happy agian..
but suddenly,,i got a shock new..
that u was couple with another girl !
not in our Faith..!!
how can?
how with ur girlfrenz?
was breakout?
now,, im very shock with u..
i dont know now i want stilllove u or not..
i alwayz frusted with u..
i want alone now..
take care..
2011-myb i try to forget u forever..
but,, can i??
God,,give me strenght to accept ur fate..


6 000 kuceng marie:

ainatiqa said...

saba je la , dah dah . kalau cm tuh la pangai dy , just try to forget him ,

ieyza afieyna said...

urm,,ieyza da cube,, bertahun agy tue..tpi still cannot..
urm,,thanx:)t will be try..

Miss Rainbow ◕‿◕ said...

wlaopun bi akk agk hncuss tpi alia dh nnges bce cite akk nieh . ish , spe laki tuhh bitaw alia . bleh alia sound die . sian akk :'( .

ieyza afieyna said...

bi mmg hancuss la alia..:)

Anonymous said...

u should just forget him la sayang....dont give so many chances to a guy like him...n about the girl that he dated is not her fault...he should b blame for all hearts that he play with...ugh...a guy like him...should b putting him in booby-hatch....

ieyza afieyna said...

erm,entah la.iza xtau knape ieyza still tggu dye..sdgkn bile fikir blik,, mcm2 dye da skitkn hati ieyza..ieyza je cpat sgt sjuk hati..
da xde kekuatan da asenyew..bile sume jadi cmnie.. bukn stahun dua.. tapi da lame..arghh ! i want to forget him forever.. !! thanx beb..:)