Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes? Not it fact !

"sometimes we did not realize who we do not care, really care for us.. sometimes we do not realize we are too dear to the people while they was always hurt us .. And we never realized we were not perfect to get a very, very perfect person in life .. and we are not anyone to make people love us as though we love because we are just ordinary people .."

"Sometimes this life we ​​do not expect the person we truly love will leave us like that, in spite of his words are sweet to make it easy to believe his promises .. but unexpectedly it was all fake! thus destroying the destiny of a dream .. but maybe just a load of this should be accepted as the arrival of a better life & long-lasting happiness, and maybe for good not for just a moment ..! "

"Recognizing that sometimes make us a laughing .. Know someone that sometimes makes us shed tears .. surely, know someone that could give us a taste .. a million angry, sad, happy,, & miss .. but,,we realize! know someone is actually a gift .. despite the presence of only a while & while .. thanks to its presence as perhaps, through which we understand what is the meaning of a relationship .. "


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